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ADAPT Payroll is the first delivery focused Administrative services organization (ASO). Our programs are designed with logistics brokers and delivery drivers in mind. ADAPT is a business growth accelerator–allowing owners to focus on why they started their business by taking care of the rest.

The facts are simple: businesses that work with ASOs grow faster and are less likely to fail. This is because ASOs tackle the complicated tasks of payroll, compliance, benefits, and other HR functions so that business owners can focus on the ideas that drive growth and profitability.

Small and mid-sized businesses are the engine that power America’s economic growth. ASOs are their partners in that effort, ensuring they’re able to focus on what they’re best at.

Facts & Figures

  • Small businesses that use ASOs grow 7 to 9 percent faster than businesses that don’t.
  • Annual median revenue growth for ASO users was twice that of comparable non-ASO firms.
  • Expected annual median revenue growth for ASO clients is 40 percent greater than that of comparable non-ASO firms
  • Companies using an ASO are 50% less likely to go out of business than businesses that don’t.
  • Companies using ASOs have 10-14% lower employee turnover.


Pay-As-You-Go Workers Comp
No other ASO offers this program. Get low rates on Workers Comp Coverage through Protective Insurance.
ADAPT is backed by industry leading database technology and software, designed to be user-friendly and secure.
Customer Service
Personal customer service you won't find anywhere else. Account representatives that know you and your business inside and out.
Ensure that all state and federal requirements are met, without the hassle of paperwork.
Your team gets up and running faster than ever before. Software designed to make the enrollment process more user-friendly
Simple solutions for getting employees paid accurately and on time.


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