Meet ADAPT Payroll: Val Eddy, Business Integration Manager


Val Eddy brings over 20 years of experience into her role as Business Integration Manager at ADAPT Payroll. She began her career at SCI as a Client Service Representative. She was then promoted to Client Manager at SCI, and most recently joined SCI’s sister company, ADAPT Payroll, as Business Integration Manager. 

Val works with many existing SCI clients, assisting them in the transition to an employee model for their business. She emphasizes the importance of building a relationship and trust with clients, “I feel the best job I can do is to provide our clients with information that will help them grow their business in a safe way.”

Val has been married for 44 years and has 4 children and 7 grandchildren, with one more coming in May 2022! She enjoys spending time with her family, passing on traditions through special recipes and card games to her grandchildren.

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